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Do you ever feel unsupported, lacking in time, knowledge or energy to meaningfully connect and communicate with your child or the children in your classroom?

Their language is play - and luua is your support in learning this language and creating deep connection with the children in our lives.

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what we do

We want to invite you to join us in a supportive community as we learn to put play purposely into our daily routines, and create our world around us!


Creating our world together - as an adventure, through imagination and play, giving us the ability to thrive - this is how we strive to build the luua community. 

A community of learners that come together to solve problems and deeply connect with each other and the world around them.  Communities where everyone shares their superpowers - Parents, Children, and Teachers alike.​

what we offer

Support, tips and tricks, community, done for you products, how to videos, knowledge and experience.

our values

To build a community where adults and children alike connect to the world around them through creativity

and play.

our founder and collaborators

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