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what’s better than the gift of time?

Giving your child your undivided attention

is the best gift you can give.  

Maybe Christmas doesn’t come in a box,

maybe it is the gift of your time!

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This Holiday, your presence is the present!

Get your free 12 play-dates
e-book for the holidays!

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why a coupon book?

    Here at luua, we want to help you create memories with your children.

We want to offer you resources, suggestions, and support for spending quality time with your child.


What better way to bond and communicate than through their language of play

   The downloadable e-book includes:

  • 12 opportunities to spend time playing with your child.

  • 1 book to guide you with valuable insights.

We have included outdoor play, creative play, imaginative play, and play that builds math and science skills, social-emotional development, and literacy competency!

   What you need to do:

  1. download and print the PDF file

  2. cut out coupons your child can redeem

  3. schedule time in your calendar for each playdate!

  have fun!

after plying GB
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after playing with our holiday e-book...

  • Your children will have opportunities for quality time with you, and build lasting memories

  • You will have many new ideas, resources, and examples for fun play-dates

  • Your kids will have exciting experiences for each month of the year ahead!

  • You will have the resources for quality playtime with your family

the experts behind it

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Sharon Cowley


Sharon Cowley is a creative leader who has been in the field of Early Childhood Education over 25 years. She works with children to build their social/emotional development through a growth mindset and prepares children to create the world around themselves.

Colleen O. CP LP.png

Colleen Marie Olinski


Colleen Marie Olinski is an educator, children’s book author, and mother who has worked with children of all ages over 20 years. She has a deep respect for childhood and is an advocate for all children.

get your holiday e-book free now!

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