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Treat yourself well - the children are watching!

As parents, guardians, caregivers, and teachers we are often pouring into the children in our lives and giving all that we can to them. We give children our time, energy, resources, love, personal space, and labor to keep their days full, their minds and bodies nurtured, and their environments safe and engaging. We show up for children in incredible ways.
Are you remembering to show up for yourself too?

It’s important to remember that the children in our lives are always watching us and taking notes on how to live based on what they see us doing. If they only see us pouring into others without ever pouring into ourselves then that is one of the lessons that they will tuck in their back pockets to carry with them into their own adulthood. By modeling self-care for children, we show them that taking care of our own needs helps us show up for everyone else with renewed energy. If we value self-love, so will our children.

Our days can be so filled with our “to-do” lists that it can be a challenge to find time for ourselves. Focusing on meeting our own needs and connecting with ourselves matters. Scheduling time for it must happen the same way that we schedule time to connect with our children.

Here are some ways that you can refill your own cup so that you can keep showing up like a superhero for others in your life:

  • Take time -even 10 minutes- of your day to close your eyes and breathe - deep breathe and imagine your perfect day

  • Mind your words - they have power! Speak kindly about yourself ALWAYS. Show your children you respect yourself and teach them the importance of self-worth

  • Notice when frustration and stress set in what your tone and words become. Try to breathe first, respond second!

  • Gift yourself a positive unconditional connection each day. Reach out and call or text a friend, make time for that coffee date, or hop on a video call with a special person too far away to see. Our presence is the present to each other! Keeping our social and support connections strong helps tremendously in navigating our day-to-day happenings with children.

  • Take breaks from social media, crowds, and your to-do list!

  • It is important to incorporate quiet time - even if that means doing the laundry while singing to your favorite spotify list! Reset your mind, get quiet - give it a break from information overload!

  • Have something that is just for you. Is there something that you have always wanted to try? Is there a hobby that you want to pick back up? Is there an outlet that helps you to recenter yourself? What resources can you put in place to make something special happen for yourself?

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. This can be such a difficult thing for many of us to do. Taking a break can help us catch our breath and restart ourselves. As caregivers tap each other out when you can. Offer to watch each other’s kids.

I recently read someone’s ponderings on time travel. They said, when speaking to others about going back in time everyone was worried they would change one little thing, or do one thing differently and change the future. They were afraid of the far reaching consequences. Then this author went on to wonder why we don’t make those small changes or do things differently now to see the amazing benefits in the future. Why do people not also think small acts now will make a difference?

Shouldn’t we see that caring for ourselves, even just in small ways, when we can, will make a big difference in our well being? The children are watching - take them on the adventure as you both learn what impact self-care and self-love will make in your lives!

What is your favorite way to celebrate yourself? Gift yourself this today!


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