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Vegan Valentine's Candy!

I know Valentine’s Day is the day CHOCOLATE reigns supreme… but what about all our friends with allergies?

Dairy and Egg allergies are becoming more prevalent, and I have seen a marked rise in children requiring EPI pens for both Milk and Egg allergies over the past few years.

When celebrating with a group, I am always looking for treats that are more than nut-free as an option. Gluten, Milk, Egg, all need to go if we want to include everyone! Vegan recipes to the rescue!

remember these?

Most children don’t these days - an

d they were my FAVORITE as a child! Ingesting the paper with them strangely, was half the appeal!

For Valentine's Day celebrations, here is my version of CANDY DOTS - as HEARTS. The best part: They are Gluten Free, VEGAN, and paper free!

happy valentine's day!

Vegan Candy Hearts
Download PDF • 9.57MB


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