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Who's in your circle?

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

part of our identity and sense of belonging is the people we surround ourselves with

Humans are social creatures. We need a tribe, a circle of friends, a community to feel a sense of well being and belonging. A circle of supportive people helps us reduce stress, feel supported, become more resilient and actually be healthier.

The people in your circle help you grow. They are your support system, sounding boards, and advisors.

Surrounding yourself with positive people who cheer you on in life is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to thriving and going after the things in life that will get you closer to the highest version of yourself. When you have found the right people for your circle you know that you can conquer almost anything with the support of your rockstars and superheroes who have your back while you are lifting yourself up.

one of the best parts of having an amazing circle is sharing them with the children in our lives

Children benefit from being raised in a village of supportive adults who share their diverse perspectives on life.

Each member of a circle brings a unique personality and can share their individual talents with each other’s children. It is so important for our children to build empathy, compassion, and understanding from knowing that there are all kinds of different people in the world who live all kinds of different lives.

Watching your best friends become friends with your children is an incredible experience!

Children at school can benefit in the same way when teachers collaborate with each other and take turns visiting each other’s classrooms. New connections can be formed and each teacher brings with them a different lens and perspective.

It is easier to manage stress and one’s own behaviors when you feel supported, included, and understood. Remember to pour into those key relationships in your life to keep your circle strong. Children will learn the value of true friendship by watching how you joyfully take the time to connect with and support your friends.

as is said, you are a reflection of the people you surround yourself with. who is in your circle?


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